The Realities of Policing in America (feat. Sgt. De Lacy Davis)

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Davis, far right, appearing on WABC's "Here and Now."

Davis, far right, appearing on WABC’s “Here and Now.” (Photo: NCLEOJ on Facebook)

On today’s show, De Lacy Davis joins me on the show. Davis is a retired New Jersey police sergeant with 20 years of experience. He currently is a member of the “National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice, Reform, and Accountability” (NCLEO), and he founded “Black Cops Against Police Brutality” in the early ’90s.

Throughout our conversation, Davis offered excellent perspectives on the pressing issues relating to policing in America.

Davis shares information about the NCLEO’s efforts, how he lost his job due to vocalness as an officer, how America’s injustice-filled police system operates, the ways to improve upon our country’s current situation, and much more.

During our 30 minute conversation, Davis and I discussed a variety of the trending societal topics surrounding policing, including the presence of “good officers,” the need for profiling, accountability in police departments, and more.

Members of Baltimore's police department. (Photo: John Taggart, EPA)

Members of Baltimore’s police department. (Photo: John Taggart, EPA)