#NoDakotaAccessPipeline (feat. Activist Nolan Hack)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Royal State of Mind Podcast.

Today, take a listen to my conversation with Nolan Hack, a Black activist. During our talk, we focus on the ongoing controversy surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The construction of the pipeline has been staunchly opposed by Native American communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois, the four states where the pipeline is set to traverse through. The Native community has a litany of reasons for their stance against the construction, including that they weren’t properly consulted about the pipeline and that sacred land will be destroyed. As a result, dozens of tribes are currently protesting in the four states and around the country to stop the pipeline’s construction.Photo Credit: Treaty 4 News

Nolan and I discuss the historical implications of the current situation surrounding the Dakota Pipeline, centered around the idea that wants and needs of Native Americans may — yet again — be ignored. Nolan explains why it isn’t surprising to see the suppression of the Native community regarding the pipeline, talks about why people of color especially need to express solidarity with Native brothers and sisters, and more.

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Feature Photo courtesy of Arlo Iron Cloud.