it has infiltrated me from the inside, denigrated my existence, and questioned my uniqueness.


it has existed for 400 years: shown then banned then named then disguised. all at the same time. all continuously. for 400 years.


it has stolen my confidence. it has shattered my empowerment. it has killed my leaders; my brothers and my sisters. it has jailed my heroes; my brothers and my sisters. it has criminalized my movements, built piece by piece by my brothers and my sisters.


its restrictions on my black body have gotten me bodied, leaving me black and blue. its confinement of my blackness has boxed me into a boxing ring, leaving me swinging at a Goliath. it’s led me astray. it has left me visionless, stunting my ability to see beyond the borders they have constructed around my individuality. its covert hatred of blackness has led to subtle self hate.


But for how much longer? I Can’t Take This Anymore. I Can’t Take This Anymore. I Can’t Take This Anymore. My Black is Rumbling. Her Black is rumbling. Their Black is Rumbling. Our Black is Rumbling. Pushing out and against the Confinements and Borders, defining our own Possibilities. Our Black is facing off against Goliath, striking with a mighty right from Ali and finishing with Assata’s raised left fist.

Our Rumbling Black Can’t Take This Anymore.

"Black Rumble" by Robert Motherwell - 1984

[written november 3, 2016]