Images from the 2024 Black Zine Fair – Brooklyn, NY

I went to the Black Zine Fair in Gowanus, Brooklyn on May 11th. It took place on the second floor of a huge warehouse, and the fair featured scores of zine vendors and workshops. A lot of people attended, a lot of zine creators presented their work, and overall it was a nice atmosphere to engage, purchase, and witness creative artwork.

What’s a Zine? Black Zine Fair’s website answers it this way:

“A zine is a do-it-yourself publication that emphasizes expression and connection. Zines have no strict rules or aesthetics, and can feature a variety of content from radical political writings and personal stories to experimental art. Zines are often self-published and they prioritize communication over commerce.”

For some reason, Instagram’s embed feature isn’t working on WordPress. Here’s the hyperlink to view the full gallery of photos:

Images and Edits by me.