Environmental Racism in Flint with Dr. Mijin Cha

Welcome to the Royal State of Mind Podcast.

On today’s show, I am joined by guest Dr. Mijin Cha. She is a Fellow at Cornell University’s Worker University and she writes about environmental justice across the world; politics; race; and gender. And on January 25th, Dr. Cha wrote an article for TheHill.com titled “Flint water crisis is classic case of environmental racism.”

In today’s podcast, we discuss a variety of topics and issues that relate to the Flint water crisis. Dr. Cha sets the foundation for the conversation by defining environmental racism and inequality; explains how that definition relates to Flint; cites other examples of environmental injustice throughout history; and details what citizens can do to expose instances of environmental inequality.

Listen to today’s podcast for an interesting perspective on the ongoing Flint water crisis and the factors that contributed to its severity over the years. Then, let me know what you think about the conversation by tweeting to @AmiriTulloch or @ThisIsRSOM, and by leaving a response on our Facebook page.

this show was recorded on February 11, 2016.