State of our Schools (feat. Educator Jose Vilson)

Jose Vilson, a New York City-based educator, writer, blogger, and activist joins the show to talk about education, schooling, culturally-relevant pedagogy, and much more.


The School-to-Prison Pipeline (feat. Harold Jordan of the ACLU)

Harold Jordan, an advocate at the ACLU of Pennsylvania, joined the podcast to talk about punishment in American schools and the school to prison pipeline.


On Serena Williams’ Identity in Tennis

Today, I talk about Serena Williams. How does her identity as a black woman contradict the sport she excels at?


The Black Role in Literature (feat. Writer Camryn Garrett)

Camryn Garrett -- a teenage author, filmmaker, and creator -- joined me to talk about the way Black people participate and are portrayed in modern literature and writing.


#NoDakotaAccessPipeline (feat. Activist Nolan Hack)

I talk with Nolan Hack, a Black activist. Nolan and I discuss why Native Americans are staunchly opposing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He explains why efforts to protect Native land and lives are so important today.


A Podcast Hub for People of Color (feat. Berry)

On today's podcast, I am joined by Berry. She formed Podcasts In Color in 2015, which is an online directory that compiles podcasts created by people of color. We talk about the importance of Podcasts in Color and more.


The Importance of Kemba’s “Negus” (feat. Kemba)

I'm joined by Kemba, a rapper from NYC that just released album "Negus." In the masterpiece of an album, Kemba shares his perspective of life as a young Black male in America. We talk about his creations, the music scene, society today as black men, and much more.

Members of Baltimore's police department. (Photo: John Taggart, EPA)

The Realities of Policing in America (feat. Sgt. De Lacy Davis)

De Lacy Davis, a retired police sergeant, joins me to share his personal perspectives on policing in America and joins me to discuss his illuminating experiences with the system after spending 20 years as a New Jersey officer.

NBA Draft Recap & Offseason Update (feat. Jamal Murphy)

NBA Draft Recap & Offseason Update (feat. Jamal Murphy)

Jamal Murphy, sports analyst and cohost on CBS Sports Radio, joins me to discuss micro and macro aspects of the 2016 NBA Draft and to review other offseason news and notes.

flint water jug

Lead Poisoning in Water with Nancy Loeb

I am joined by environmental expert Nancy Loeb to discuss the potency of lead in water, lead poisoning's prevalence in America, and more -- all in context of Flint's water crisis.