Welcome to RSOM


Welcome to Royal State of Mind — my name is Amiri Tulloch. This is my newest creation.

In simplest terms, Royal State of Mind is a platform I made for myself. I am a 16-year-old multimedia journalist, and RSOM will serve as the outlet for my creative expression.

* * *

Royal State of Mind is different than anything I’ve ever personally created. It is especially different than my previous venture, JG Sports Talk. I started JGST in 2011 and it has existed as my sports-exclusive platform ever since. On the contrary, with Royal State of Mind, I am expanding my personal horizons beyond just sports.

On this new platform, I will be sharing my views, perspectives, and thoughts on a wide assortment of topics. Sports won’t be the only avenue of conversation here; it’ll be joined by technology and history and current events and music and more. Royal State of Mind will represent and reflect the complete picture of myself a lot better than JG Sports Talk did or ever could.

As an example of the diversity in topics, the first piece on Royal State of Mind — which is set to be published later this week, fingers crossed — will feature an upstart movement’s efforts at encouraging empowerment in the black community. After that, look out for a series on a current event that has made reverberations across the nation.

* * *

That pretty much does it for this announcement post. Once again, welcome to the brand-new RSOM. After working on this project since around September of 2015, I’m glad to finally be delivering this platform to you. I’m hopeful and excited for what’s to come — and I hope you are, too.

Stay tuned for content within the week. Until then, check RSOM out on Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes.