Black Empowerment with Nataki Kambon of #LetsBuyBlack365

Welcome to the Royal State of Mind Podcast.

On today’s show, I talk with guest Nataki Kambon. She is THE SPOKESPERSON for Let’s Buy Black 365 — a movement THAT STARTED IN 2014, HAD ITS OFFICIAL LAUNCH IN December of 2015, and focuses on black economic empowerment.

Nationwide, members of the #LetsBuyBlack365 movement are are encouraged to post and share black-owned businesses on the website, forming a network of black resource sharing. Nataki and the #LetsBuyBlack365 movement stress the need for black people to invest in themselves — a sense of unity that strengthens the community overall.

In today’s podcast, Nataki and I discuss a variety of topics and issues that relate to her upstart movement. Nataki explains the reasons behind the creation of #LetsBuyBlack365; answers why such a movement is even needed; educates on the prolific history of black empowerment; and details the benefits of black empowerment.

We also branch out and talk about relevant topics in society today. Nataki gives her thoughts on the consistently white Oscars; how black award shows relate to black empowerment; and the ways of exploitative companies and figures like Nike and Michael Jordan. Nataki also comments on the inexplicable water crisis in Flint, Michigan and explains how #LetsBuyBlack365 is assisting the citizens of the poisoned city.

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this show was recorded on January 24, 2016.