A Look Inside “Bompton with Kendrick Lamar”

Welcome to the another episode of the Royal State of Mind Podcast. On today’s show, I play an interview I conducted with guest Andy Capper back on March 1st.

Capper is a veteran filmmaker for Vice Media and is the executive producer of the TV show “NOISEY on VICELAND.” The show (also) premiered on March 1st, featuring the documentary “Bompton with Kendrick Lamar” as its first episode. That piece takes a look at Kendrick’s hometown: Compton’s notorious Blood neighborhood. The NOISEY crew captures the gang-dominated lifestyle of that neighborhood and highlights the locations and characters that comprise Bompton.

Take a listen to today’s podcast as Andy and I look closer into the Bompton documentary. We explore a variety of aspects relating to the episode, including the public’s reaction to the documentary; Andy’s expectations of Compton and its residents; how the interview with Kendrick Lamar developed; the highlights of their coverage in Compton; and more. Capper also dives into his experiences recording other pieces in Chicago, Long Beach, and Atlanta, and he compares the personality of Compton with those other three cities.

Check out today’s piece for an in-depth look at Andy Capper’s work with the NOISEY TV show — and the Bompton documentary in particular. Also, go and watch the episode for yourself at the NOISEY website. Once you’ve done that, let me know what you think about the conversation by tweeting to @AmiriTulloch or @ThisIsRSOM, and by leaving a response on our Facebook page.

Amiri and Andy’s interview was recorded on March 1st, 2016. home page photo creds: CNW Group/Rogers Media