A Podcast Hub for People of Color (feat. Berry)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Royal State of Mind Podcast.

On today’s show, I have a conversation with Berry. Last year, she formed Podcasts in Color, a massive online directory that compiles podcasts created black, latino, and other people of color (POC). Today, she joins me to discuss her project, the role POC have in the podcasting community, and much more.

She starts with the history of Podcasts in Color and how it came about, as well the importance of its existence. We talk about the benefits of a vibrant podcasting community and how the presence Podcasts in Color has helped cultivate that environment. Berry and I also look at the reasons why the podcasting medium has rose to popularity amongst POC, how to get involved in podcasting, and more.

Find out more about Podcasts In Color by visiting www.podcastsincolor.com or visiting @PodcastsInColor on Twitter.



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