The School-to-Prison Pipeline (feat. Harold Jordan of the ACLU)

Welcome to the latest episode of the Royal State of Mind Podcast! On today’s show, I am joined by Harold Jordan.

He is the Senior Policy Advocate at the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania and has been with the ACLU since 2007. His expertise focuses on the school climates and atmospheres: he is the author of “Beyond Zero Tolerance: Discipline and Policing in Pennsylvania Schools” and “Know Your Rights: A Handbook for Public School Students in Pennsylvania.” For years, Jordan has spent time addressing school discipline and productive ways to rethink current school punishment.

In my conversation with Jordan, we discuss the root causes of the school to prison pipeline, its complicated relationship to the larger concept of mass incarceration, zero tolerance and punishment strategies in American schools, and much more. Jordan, with the knowledge he has accumulated over years of study and examination, answers countless questions about the problems of student discipline in schools. Take a listen to the insightful discussion.

[thumbnail photo credit: Elena Scotti/FUSION]