nwaobiala: Reaching and Reflecting Through Art

A conversation with nwaobiala, a multidisciplinary experimental artist, about art's position in personal and communal development, the importance of initiating conversation through creation, and how artwork can powerfully navigate queerness, body, generational trauma, and more.

Black Narrative Expression with Maassai

A conversation with Brooklyn rapper, singer, and curator Maassai about creating narratives thru art, making music for other Black women, and the potential for art as a platform for revolution -- as well as previewing new music set to release in 2020.

Obi Agwam and Black Stories in Paint

A conversation with Obi Agwam, a painter from New York, about his growth as a painter, his approach towards creating art, and how his Blackness impacts his visuals.

Art and Community Building with Elijah Maura

A conversation with Elijah Maura, an illustrator and multimedia artist, about his artistic influences, his lack of concern for any external gaze, and art's role in building community.


REESESHOTIT and Artistic Freedom

A conversation with REESESHOTIT about her photography, her creative process, and identity as a young Black artist.

Columbia’s Anti-Black History (feat. Rosalyn Huff & Colby King)

Rosalyn Huff and Colby King -- board members of Columbia University's Black Students Organizations -- talk about their recent report about the University's long history of anti-black violence and policing.

Wadsworth Jarell, AACM, 1994

Radical Black Music (feat. Marc Hannaford)

Marc Hannaford -- a musician, PhD candidate in music theory, and course instructor at Columbia University -- joins me for a wide-ranging conversation centered around radical Black music and musicians.

Student protesters, including former Columbia student and Student Afro-American Society (S.A.S.) leader Raymond Brown (second from left). Photo: Richard Howard/From the Collection of Paul Cronin.

Black Students and Liberation (feat. Professor Stefan Bradley)

Professor Stefan Bradley, author of "Upending the Ivory Tower: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Ivy League" joins me to talk about Black students' role in liberation movements and the importance of their contributions throughout history.

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